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To you, I would like to apologize...

You are absolutely right! It was stupid of me to use the term "Redneck" without knowing anything about the history of the term. I apologize for all people like me who use that word loosely to mean someone who is close-minded and belligerent. Your comment, "I'm so tired of being characterized by the ignorant" was right on the money and I will try not to do it again. If you're looking for the sarcasm in this apology, I assure you that there is none. Please accept my apology. Finally, I do not, in fact, believe that Southerners are stupid or ignorant - or at least any more stupid and ignorant than New Englanders or Californians. My problem is with the ignorant from anywhere who don't bother to get the facts before they form hard and fast opinions. Which, of course, I realize just described me and my use of the word, "Redneck." However, thank you for pointing out my flawed thinking. After all, we can only get smarter if we are willing to take new information in and learn from it.


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