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What I believe

Of all, the racist, poor politicking, blame Bush-blame Obama finger-pointing ignorant posts on any news item of the past four years, the comments on this story are the most ignorant ever.

I can't even tell if some of it might not be sarcasm. Are these writers really that out of touch with language or are some of these posts using exaggeration to make fun of those who are? I can no longer identify the sarcasm because nobody employs simple editing. It's difficult to tell: is it ignorant or is it brilliant sarcasm?

Haven't we all learned by now not to use ALL CAPS? Seriously, it is one of the most egregious errors of posting to the boards. Writers, please, one period, one question mark, one exclamation point. That's plenty. One does the job whether that job is to end a sentence, to ask a question, or to show emphasis; one is enough.

No dots. You don't know how to use them. You don't know what they are for. Stop putting dots in all your writing. Just stop, and that means you poster named Fellow Parent (with all the dots and the multiple punctuation).


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