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My post addresses the irrational thinking that the school must be closed down until parents can be assured not only that are there NO snakes in the school, but also NO possibility of a snake being able to enter the premises. That is almost assuredly not possible. The reason given for taking this action is that snakes are (a) frightening and (b) possibly venomous. Given that logic, I am proposing, sarcastically, that the school be shut down until I can be assured that there are no spiders in the school and no possibility of any spiders entering the school. Why? Because spiders are (a) frightening and (b) potentially venomous. Taking that logic to the extreme, I bring up mosquitos because they are (frightening and (b) potentially deadly. Of course, most people would ask, "Who in their right mind would be frightened of a mosquito?" I would say that if you were in a locked room with 100 mosquitos in the dark and you knew that all the mosquitos had just spent the previous night in a locked room with an AIDS-afflicted individual, you might be seriously frightened. And that brings me to the real reason for posting my comment. I am trying to stir up irrational fear and loathing of mosquitos. It will help me sell my new screenplay to Samuel L. Jackson. It's called "Mosquitos in a School Room". It's set in a rural schoolhouse where 30 children are trapped in a room with thousands of mosquitos. As night approaches, mosquitos start coming out of air vents and from behind cracks in the wall. They drop down from the ceiling. Complete pandemonium breaks out. As dawn breaks, only one boy and one girl walk out without a single bite. The rest are covered in bumps and already succumbing to various deadly blood-borne diseases. It may not do well at the box office, but I see it becoming a cult classic.


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