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Allowed the Felons in Bladen

Maybe we can get a side note added to this for Bladen County only that it become a law that a convicted felon can't help anyone run for sheriff, or clerk of court, or for DA. Look at the choices that we have had this time around,

DA....choice of someone who allows felons to run their campaign or
someone who allowed a felons to go free, (maybe this was a master plan turn them loose to work for the other guy)

Clerk of Court....easy choice, we had already voted the other one out once before.

Sheriff....again choice of someone who allows felons to run their campaign or someone who's mother in law did a felony in his behalf and gets away with it (too bad it wasn't in Robeson County, they charged somone over there with a felony for voting twice for themselves)

School Board, going to stay the same except for one who didn't want it any more, people are happy, things going good and they deserve a pat on the back and hope that Bruce enjoys his "retirement".

County Commissioners, looks like one new one and one new "old" one putting us back like a couple of years ago, the real cleaning there will start in 2 years hopefully with a total flushing at that time.

A lot of races are now over or were never there, this said that they were doing there job, thanks to those without someone running against them.

NC House, if you live in Bladen County you had better vote Bladen County or we will never get anything again, if we lose this seat to Cumberland County we will never get it back, Think Folks.

That said and done, the sheriff and DA races are the hot ones for us, and the sad part of that is that they are screwed up worse that anything I have ever seen, well almost, Bladen County could have Rex and RC, oh thats right we have Dowless and Levi.


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