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BFD Mr. Capps had some weed.. and little blow and owned some guns and rode a motorcycle... BIG DEAL!!! IT isn't like he stole millions in tax dollars or took millions in bribes..

If the law enforcement whats something to do.. how about busting the crocked politicians.. They are the true criminals in our country!!! And once they bust those politicians make them pay instead of letting them go with their government perks..

Ever notice that politicians get caught doing something wrong and they have a big investigation that cost us big money which they use our tax dollars for.. AND NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!! Heck they are allowed to remain in office... Now there is your Justice system in action.. Ever notice the media says very little about these politicians that are criminal?

This is the biggest injustice in America.. yet our law enforcement gets their jollies off of busting the little man..


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