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Just not correct!!

Ronnie and Dee are some of the nicest people on earth, and no where near what this publication is trying to portray them to be. See those bags under Ronnie's eyes..those are not from being some big drug kingpin, those are from a man who has worked his butt off his entire life, doing right by God, right by his family, and right by everyone who he knows and cares about. This is a man who who has taken in kids, not even his, because they were in abusive situations, and he( and Dee) were their last hope. And they did not even blink an eye doing it. They watch the cutest little girl, free of charge, whose mother passed on, and the father has to work to take care of his family as best he can.

I have no doubt some mistakes were made...but taking of one mistake and the law enforcement trying to leap wrong that into some big drug kingpin conspiracy theory, is just ridiculous. I am not from NC, but no doubt its election time, and someone down there is playing crooked politics trying to get elected and show how well they are cleaning up crime. Sad part is they are willing to destroy an entire family, for their corrupt ambitions. This will not be stood for.

For the people who have negative comments: I do not blame you, its easier to be a sheep and follow whatever the media spoon feeds you, rather than get a clue and know what the real story is. Here is a clue...not everything you read on the internet is true. Media publications are driven by money, and not the truth.


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