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For those viewers who

For those viewers who haven't had the opportunity to know Ronnie & Dee I would like to enlighten you on what the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department is not telling the viewer...

Ronnie has been a volunteer firefighter for several years dedicating his time & his love to helping others in need! Always willing to give a helping hand wherever he's needed. He is a good provider to his family & is a hard worker. Over the years Dee & Ronnie have provided for children that are less fortunate giving them a place to lay their head & food for their belly. Not expecting anything in return. They have an unconditional love for others.

Ronnie is an advid hunter & has been since he was 12 years old & over the years has collected several guns. Ronnie does belong to The Red Devils Motorcycle Club NOT GANG! He does have a bald head because he works outside in a garage & it's hot. He is NOT a skinhead! Just because Ronnie has a Harley, tattoo's & patches of the Red Devil's on his vest doesn't make him the person that the Sheriff's Dept. making him out to be! The viewer is getting a distorted view. Ronnie's bail was set at 800,000. Why? He didn't murder someone... I don't understand our justice system?? What is fair about that??? Ridiculous! I guess the tax payers of Brunswick County will be footing this bill?

Dee has the biggest heart! She has done so much for kids that are in need!
If we all could show alittle bit of love like both of these individuals it would be a much better world. We all make bad choices in life but; I hate to see two people get a bad reputation because of what the sheriff's dept. perceiving them to be!


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