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Ronnie and Dee

Here's where I truly have a problem with the reference to the Red Devils, whom by the way I personally can tell you, I have been there to see them, do so much good, never seen one crime committed. Get togethers, cook outs or parties are not something what you see on some Tru TV forensic files special over things back in a 1963 MC. I take true offense to the term gang, especially using both gang and outlaw together, it is not only inflamatory to use such statements publicly to the Ronnie and Dee;s case because the pub;is that reads this will soon have to be a jury of their peers. As I said not only is it legally inflamatory, but it is also meant and well received by those viewers and readers who don't know any better, as a description of not only who rides with the Red Devils Club, but will be generalized toward anyone who rides. As far as and with respect to the Red Devils this is liable and would be considered degradation of character. Especially in a time when there are certainly more than our fair share of true " GANGS" and GANG bangers doing drive bys killing children, eachother and many many innocent people, right ou there in broad daylight. And they are by making that statement publicly, bringing the image of todays actual gangs to peoples minds, Get over yourself I can assure you that The RDE DEVILS are nothing like that image, there is NO connection in even a small way between the behavior of the Red Devils and the gang bangers and the gangs they belong to. To me this alone is enough to question the investigative work done on this or any other case. it is these slone that should say to anyone, well if the cops can do that, if they ahve no problem, connected one man to a bike club, then without fail, call that bike club a "an Outlaw Gang" well all who have read anything about this case should be afraid, very afraid, cause if they can say that about one man, one bike club, tomorrow it could be you. Cause the cops reported it, the cops told it to the news and newspaper...therfore it HAS to be true, again get over yourself, This is a flat out bogus ass joke.... I know better been there myself and people IT HAPPENS EVERY FREAKIN DAY, To me it makes EVERYTHING the cops say about this case suspect, more than reasonable doubt there, pal. Read on dear readers I ahve another post a little further down that will blow your hair back big time


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