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Done the crime, and the time

Does anyone else find it rather classy that the only ones in full support have yet to figure out how to spell, let alone use spell check of any sorts?

Yes, it is a motorcycle club, and not a "gang." Sadly that's where it ends, have any of you watched gang land? Hell's Angel's Motorcycle Club, Vagos Motorcycle Club, they are all "gangs". As gangs are defined simply as an organized group of criminals. Simple, use a dictionary for christ sake.

So great, he's a volunteer, helped lots of people out, likes to hunt, rides motorcycles, etc. That's awesome, glad he's a good guy. Funny enough, so am I !! But when my house was raided for a "large scale marijuana and mushroom grow operation" which mind you was found within my domicile, what did I do? I was arrested, posted bail, and a year later was charged in a plea arrangement.

Should I have argued, "oh but I'm such a good guy, it was all personal use, I wasn't harming anyone?! Don't arrest me please officer.. pleeeaasseee!!!?" For christ sake, no. I did it, I know I was in the wrong but I did it anyway.

So quit arguing that this is some great guy, that shouldn't be arrested. He was found with stacks of cash(you don't keep large amounts of cash if it was made legitimately), He was found with GUNS, and he was found with COCAINE! Seriously how good of a person are you if you selling cocaine and in possession of guns because your so sketched and paranoid someones going to come screw you up and take your drugs?

He got what he deserved, he did it, everyone needs to quit acting like he's an angel and wrongly accused with everything planted. He should grow some testicles, except the consequences, and we'll all see him on the streets being a repeat offender in 10-15 if it goes right.

Two cents, from a criminal.


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