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The saga of the uneducated continues...

I have to wonder (and hope) that everyone attending that rally held by a devout racist was not informed of the true nature of these circumstances surrounding this particular flag:
1) Flag violated Town of Leland ordinance, and was also BIGGER than the Flag flown in DC over the Capitol Building.
2) The Flag would have hit trees in the area if flown at half-staff (which is consider to be disrespectful to the American Flag while being flown)
3) The Flag should never be used for purposes other than for its intended purpose. It is illegal and considered an insult if businesses use the size of a Flag or the Flag itself for a purpose to support its own business... and not solely as a representation of the USA
4) I've got one son in Iraq and a nephew that has returned... and consider myself to be extremely patriotic, but all items aside, it's not anti-USA for Town of Leland to restrict the size of the Flag in this case. It's respect for our country and the ordinances of Leland in which they are abiding.
I cannot believe this many uneducated people are too closed minded in this instance to scream "freedom" and "GO USA" without even understanding the situation around this circumstance. It does not say much for the uneducated people who attended the rally.


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