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Actually Marine...Matt was

Actually Marine...Matt was correct in his points, perhaps not in his name calling. There has never been a question of whether the business owner could fly the flag...but whether he should allowed to fly it properly with the RESPECT it's due. Flying a bigger flag, doesn't mean you are more patriotic and less Communist (as you noted). If the flag cannot be flown with the respect that we (yes, Marine, I served as well, for 20 years, but did not feel the need to validate my service with my screen name) believe the flag is due, then what purpose does the large flag serve? Should it not be flown at half mast to give respect to our war dead on Memorial Day? You see, with the current flagpole, that was impossible. So before all the "patriots" jump on the "my flags bigger than your flag" bandwagon-let's remember that the flag IS more than just a symbol. Legally, the flag has rights and those rights were not being observed. Kudos to the Leland Town Council for taking the courageous, but not necessarily popular stance and protecting our flag!


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