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Mike Mcintyre is a chameleon. He is career politcian and well-established Washington insider who voted for Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House. Pelosi's agenda does not match up with America's agenda. She is a far left radical from San FranSICKO who has rammed government health care down our throats. Mr Mcintyre has NOT been proactive in leading the charge to strike down the worst legislation in American history. The Democratic Party is synonymus with the word SOCIALISM. They have no problem spending YOUR money and deciding how to spread the wealth. The government does not create wealth therefore they are an impediment to prosperity with their micromanagement of the economy and regulations. Corporations and small business owners are sitting on the sidelines until this REGIME is removed from office. It starts here at home by voting Mike " THE CHAMELEON" Mcintyre from office. He has sampled the political winds and he is concerned about his CAREER JOB in D.C.


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