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Yet another lie about McIntyre

McIntyre announced that he would vote against Obamacare very early on. While Piglosi was busy scrambling for votes, he stood firm and refused to cave. He never sought nor was given "permission" to vote against Obamacare.

If you Pantano supporters are basing your success on paiting McIntyre as a liberal, you are doomed to failure. His own party can't stand him because of his bucking their agenda so often.

That said, he has enough seniority that he can get some good deals worked for this district. Maybe too many, but if you have any idea of how the House rules operate, then you know that a senior member in the minority party (assuming that the GOP takes the House in November) will have far more pull than a freshman member from the majority party.

Pantano may have "stared down a lot of guns," but he will be powerless to alter the House rules.


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