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WWAY - Short-sided again.

Continually, your story angles on stuff like this shows a lack of balance. While you may go to the City Manager or somebody within government to get a comment, it's clear through many of your reports that the conclusion to the story is already's just a matter of how you're going to meander to get there.

When a professional HR director, engineer, law officer or other government employee gets a subscription paid for, they get newsletters, auto-forwarded e-mail notices, and conference invitiations...many of which have models, ideas, vendor sources, and other tools that help that officer become a better employee. These ideas (in the time of limited budgets) are force multipliers and allow the government to save by not having to pay consultants or other contractors fees to come up with ideas that are already in the trade journals etc. The ability to network with folks from bigger cities, with better programs and work models in practice is good government.

Nobody I have ever worked with in 30 years of government service signs on to get rich (that is for local elected officials looking out for their real estate interests). Many of these subscriptions and licenses are expensive enough the employee would not pay for it out of his own pocket, but if the employer can, the newsletter for example, can be shared by many.

How many of your own employees would benefit from some type of professional journal, paid for by WWAY, which would teach you how to be better journalists? I think y'all should look into that.

What if those 200,000 dollars spent on subscription fees saved the local government (and taxpayers) exponentially more by exposing a more efficient way of doing something? That is a story you'll never see on WWAY.


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