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Thanks WWAY for uncovering this!!!

I can guarantee you that NONE of the local government entites would divulge this information voluntarily!!!

The key to being held accountable is having knowledge of where the money is being spent. At the very best the public may be provided with a bunch of fuzzy, yet colorful pie charts as to where the governmnet spends OUR money, but the REAL details that show where the wasted spending is will always obscured. It's called, "smoke and mirrors".

The more the public knows about rediculous spending, the more they will scruitinize how THEIR money is spent. The days of fat-cat tax and spend are soon coming to an end!!!

If we do this right, it will no longer be "profitable" to be a politician. Then the only ones in politics will have a true "heart" for the people and land they represent instead of thier own self-centered, pocket filling interests.

Sounds more like fairy tale doesn't it?


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