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Think about it....

Ok, so the "city" should look at each item, line by line and verify if its worthy of our tax dollars. Lets even do it even smarter. Lets look at last year, and see what we need to cut on the next budget.

Now THINK ABOUT IT. It will take probably 2-3 people probably months to accumulate, sort, and sift through the piles of forms from the city, fire, police, WAVE, and whatever else. Then, there will be the question and justification process, bringing reps from those departments down, or at least taking them away from the tasks that we pay them for (wasting money). Then they'll submit the list of "bad" items, only to be reviewed by supervisors (wasting money again), then submitted again for final cut. These people will be paid a salary, have benefits, be trained, etc.

How much will that cost? A lot more than 80,000.


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