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Clarify please.

The meaning of your comment is a little unclear. How exactly did I play a race card? I merely pointed out that there were negative, blatently racist comments posted. For example: "They didn't teach me ebonics in school" followed by a statement that "thugs will be thugs" implies that african american teens are thugs. Was that not the message that the comment was meant to convey? By all means, if I interpreted it wrong feel free to clarify it for me. I often hear the term "play the race card" brought up in comments so I decided to research it a bit and here is what I've found. Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase referring to an allegation raised against a person who has brought the issue of race or racism into a debate, perhaps to obfuscate the matter. It is a metaphorical reference to card games in which a trump card may be used to gain an advantage.
It has also been staunchly argued by critical theorists across the globe that the term itself is a rhetorical tool used in an effort to devalue and minimize the very real claims of racism sited by racially marginalized people. For example, by claiming someone is playing the race card, it immediately draws their assertion into question and positions them in a negative light
In light of that definintion, it was not I that "played the race card" as you commenters so dearly love to say, it would be the commentor who first brought up race with his "ebonics" reference. I hope this offers you a little insight.


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