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You stated:

" "They didn't teach me ebonics in school" followed by a statement that "thugs will be thugs" implies that african american teens are thugs."

Im sorry, but were the victims/perps white, izod wearing chess club members speaking the queens english? I think not kind sir...and statistically, the thug comment is correct. More black males are involved in street crimes than whites, which is a bit sad considering blacks are only 15% of the US population. Speaks a bit on the quality of discipline given at home doesnt it? Let me guess though...its someone elses fault right?

also, you copied and pasted:

"Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase referring to an allegation raised against a person who has brought the issue of race or racism into a debate, perhaps to obfuscate the matter. It is a metaphorical reference to card games in which a trump card may be used to gain an advantage. It has also been staunchly argued by critical theorists across the globe that the term itself is a rhetorical tool used in an effort to devalue and minimize the very real claims of racism sited by racially marginalized people."

So I guess its us "racially marginalized people" that speak up, call a spade a spade and call out the lack of parenting done to most black teens that invokes your use of the race card? The comments are how people feel nowadays about the majority black culture, its burden on society and its instant use of race as an excuse/ cop out for everything. Too bad for those like you that carry all that white guilt (or are you black and blaming everyone else for speaking their minds?)

You see, 25 yrs ago, I cared. I did everything I could to help race relations and gave blacks the benefit of the doubt in all their misfortunate "run-ins" with the law...but still, to this day, I still hear the same old "its because Im black" excuse when they get pulled over or questioned by anyone. I talk to black friends I havent seen in 10+ yrs and they always manage to sneak in "the man is keeping them down".

Do you know its easier as a minority to get into college or get financial aid than it is as a middle class white?

Heres whats happened:

Thugs/drug dealers/moochers/govt. assisted living P.O.S. have learned that race is a volatile issue, so they milk it. They sense any weakness in ANY situation, they milk it. Its what theyve been taught by their parents that are only 12-13-14-16+ yrs older than them with the same "thug" mentality and lack of morals, honor, discipline, cooth, common sense & overall care of other humans.

Do you know we have 5 generations of blacks on govt assistance in NHC?...5 GENERATIONS!!! Thats GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandparents that were first..and probably the only generation deserving of it.

So before you go accosting those that speak their minds and what basically boiled down to the truth, you ought to research the statistics in NHC and see that theyre have a leg to stand on with their comments.

Oh...and WWAY. Are you/your web guys guys really that paranoid and or stupid that you have to have a video with text in it for testing spam comments? Really? If so, its time to hire some people that know what they are doing in this century.


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