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What a red-herring!

Regardless of this nutjob's intended actions, the claim that "it will place our troops in danger" is ludicrous.

They are ALREADY in a combat zone and should be prepared for and expecting enemy action 24 x 7....or at least they WOULD be, if we were truly fighting a war and not play acting at war.

In that light we should welcome anything that enrages the Muzz-loons and makes them attack, because it seems that the only time we kill them is when they attack. What happened to that "major offense" we kept threatening? (And why would we ever ANNOUNCE a major offensive???)

Counterinsurgencies don't work. With the exception of the British incursion into Malaysia immediately after they surrendered it as a colony, there is not a single successful third-party led counterinsurgency to be found in history! It didn't work in Vietnam, it didn't work in Iraq and it certainly isn't working in Afghanistan.

Perhaps General Petreaus and boss should worry less about some idiot practicing his right of free speech and more about actually destroying the enemy in Afghanistan.


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