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What? Because Bush meddled in the affairs of Muslim countries? Do you have any idea why Bush did this? It was because of what the ""MUSLIM"" TERRORISTS did on 9/11. I am sick and tired of Americans appeasing these people. I am sick and tired of our leaders giving in to these people. When will we find it politically correct to care about what the American citizens think and believe instead of what people in other countries think? One of the nicest things about the American people is that you are generous and friendly people and because of this you are sometimes naive and overly trusting. You want to be friendly so you open up to people and then you are surprised when they stab you in the back. Many brave soldiers have died in Iraq for this reason. This mentality is a problem with us as citizens and also with the State Department and others in government who fail to understand the true nature of this enemy. American's are nice, we want to accomodate, we want to believe that if we are tolerant of others, they will reciprocate the same towards us.

Recently Sheikh Ibrahim Mdaires delivered a sermon at a mosque in Gaza that was broadcast live to the Arab world where he stated Israel was a cancer, that the Jews were a virus resembling AIDS and the whole world suffers because of them. He stated the Muslims ruled the world once before, and would rule it again. That they would also rule America. This has nothing to do with Bush, it began centuries before Bush was ever born.

In America we have about 24,000 educational institutions. Indonesia alone has 37,362 Muslim Madrassas where Muslim youth are required to memorize the Koran and are taught hatred of (Jews and Christians) mainly Israel and America and any other non-Muslim around the world and are breeding grounds of terrorists. Only 8% have any input from Indonesia's government, the other 92% are controlled by Muslim clerics.

These Muslims won't be stopped by appeasement, they are not interested in political solutions, they don't want welfare, their animosity is not caused by hunger or poverty. They understand only one thing: total and complete conquest of the West and of anyone who does not bow to them and their dangerous and out of date ideology of hate and revenge.

It is unimaginable there are so many people out there that believe Bush started this hatred between the Muslims and any non-Muslim believer. All I can say is you don't know much about history or what is going on in the world today.

Oh, how many people in America protested when our own government burned thousands of copies of our Bible that had been traslated into other languages to be given to Iraqi citizens and soldiers because the Muslim terrorists protested this act of kindness? It was ok for our own government to burn our Bibles, but not ok for a church to burn the Koran? Coming from Muslim religious authorities, this is also the only way for a Koran to be legally destroyed. It is our Constitutional right to do this if we wish. Is it morally the right thing to do? I don't think so.


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