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They are paid. No one was

They are paid. No one was forced to run for public office, that was a personal decision each commissioner made. Before either of the commissioners ran he should have taken a long look at his personal finances and time to determine if he could afford to be a public official. My bias opinion is each commissioner only saw the $$$$$. Some per diem may have been warranted, but not going to funerals or high school graduations. Attendance at a funeral is out of respect for the family and the deceased not a wage earning event. It would appear the commissioners wanted to get reimbursed every time their vehicle was turned on. Again, it is my bias opinion the greed of these commissioners and their unwillingness to put a stop to the extra funds they are receiving is behind the anger of the citizens and we have a right to question. A hold should be put on all per diem requests until further investigation is complete. Also, the county manager is not the person to investigate since he answers to the commissioners. Once again our tax money is being abused yet no one is answering to us.


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