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Per diems

As a former teacher, I've sacrificed for the good of my profession, going without a pay raise for several years in a row, using my own money to buy supplies, even buying my own desk chair, clock, and storage cabinet. Brunswick County teachers have been denied access to field trips due to budget restrictions, inconvenienced by combined high school and middle school bus routes due to rising gas costs and budget restrictions, and been required to work increasingly longer hours, partly to accommodate the longer combined bus routes. Certainly neither overtime pay nor even always fair and equitable reimbursement for expenses are considerations for Brunswick County teachers. Now I better understand why we've had no money for field trips, furniture, (I got my desks one of the last years I taught from the junked furniture pile because a fellow teacher "took" the desks from my classroom after the room was assigned to me). Now, I can see the budget restrictions, field trip ban, combined bus routes, lack of decent classroom furniture, etc., were due, in part, to thievery, dishonesty and corruption of the intended provision of the "gentlemen agreement" that provided reimbursement to the commissioners. I feel like spitting when I see one of them, especially Marty Cooke, who is the biggest thief. I wonder if his wife is "sacrificing" similarly on the Board of Ed.?


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