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People need to keep there mouth shut

I have been a family friend of both of the ladies that were killed in this wreck. And the way I look at it everyone has there own thoughts of this but if you have nothing nice to say please don't get on here and run your mouth there family and their kids could even look at this and all of them are having a real rough time dealing with this tragedy. And the way I see things this could have happen if they were stone cold sober just by them had been drinking is a crutch for everyone to use in saying this is what killed them yes it inpaired there judgment for what has happen but there was someone in that truck that night that did live god works in ways that know one can explain nor is it to be explained by us.So just keep your rude comments off of the internet incase the kids of these mother's you are putting down is reading the bad things you dumb A%@ people write.HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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