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David Jones, a Republican? LOL!

David "Benedict Arnold" Jones, a Republican? LOL! He's what's called a RINO. He's a republican by no ones definition but his own. He pulls this kind of stunt every election. He likes the attention.

WWAY, you’re putting your own opinion in here, too. Who's he well respected by? Give us some names. Certainly not the people in the party he's a claim to be registered to.

Look at the people Mike McIntyre associates with. The people on his team. The ones he supports. The ones he has the most in common with. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and the list goes on. The are his friends and allies. These are the people David Jones is supporting as well.

Congressman McIntyre is no conservative and David Jones is no Republican. Just look at what they do and who they associate with, not what they claim to be.

If Mike McIntyres best defense against Ilario Pantano is David Jones, Mike has already lost.


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