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We do not have a Republican Party in New Hanover. Rino's dominate the other side of the political coin. RINO's are the reason this CAREER politician is able to hold on to his seat. If you keep on voting for CAREER politicians , you create complacency. McIntyre has mastered the opportunity to maximize positive PR , with his pocket full of checks. These pork barrel checks cast him in a positive light but if you look over the economic landscape of our region we have not come very far during his tenure. His hometown and county( Lumberton , Robeson County ) are one of the most impoverished areas in the state of N.C. There is very little evidence of economic development and prosperity in the 7 th District. There is very little opportunity for professional, white collar work or blue collar occupations. The reason this recession has been hard on the 7 th District is because communities are not economically diverse enough to soften the blow. We are a low wage mecca of service jobs on the coast and an agricultural magnet for illegals in the inland counties that flood our schools and hospitals.

The Democrats will definitely continue to control our politics on the state and local level due to RINO's , like David Jones. They have controlled the General Assembly for over 100 years in Raleigh.How many more Democrats on the state level do we have to send to prison to get the message across that their agenda is not working for what is in the best interest for our citizens. On the federal level , RINO's are being called out by the Tea Party. Mr McIntyre uses the Blue Dog label for political cover but he did vote for Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House. Now that is not a conservative vote !!


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