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Um...he had two choices for speaker

A Democrat or a Republican. He chose the Democrat. After all, he IS a Democrat, and still has to occasionally work within his party.

I am amazed that with Pantano doing so well, it seems that the primary tool of the Republicans is to paint McIntyre as some crazy left-wing loon in cahoots with Nancy Pelosi to destroy America.

Let's try to recover our integrity, shall we? Every one of you KNOWS that McIntyre votes what he feels is best, and accordingly opposed Obamacare, Cap-n-Trade, the GM/Chrysler Bailout, etc. Has he passed votes I don't agree with? Certainly! That doesn't translate into him being lock-step in formation with the Socialists. The average Democrat in America considers him a traitor to their cause.

I'm not wild about the ad where McIntyre distorts Pantano's support for the Fair Tax, but it's no bigger a sin than distorting McIntyre's voting record or trying to make his vote for the only Democrat nominated for Speaker into something significant.

Let's try to tell the truth...the WHOLE truth.


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