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I am furious

that these kids and thugs are allowed to behave like they do and hitting a horse is ANIMAL CRUELTY! Were these people arrested and charged? It doesn't take a 10th grade education to see that the city of Wilmington is allowing this behavior to go on and on every weekend. Don't forget elections are coming up and if you vote an incumbant back into office you are also a part of the problem, both city and county. I'd stand out there with a fire hose and the minute these pieces of trash and underage drinkers start up I would hit them full force. That would calm down their worthless, drunk and drugged up rear ends. You people need to start using your imagination in dealing with this. If you can't get them to quit then at least show them you mean business. Or are you afraid of them? My Lord I can't believe I would ever say something like this about downtown Wilmington. What a disgrace.


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