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Downtown at Night

There are WAY too many bars in downtown Wilmington which makes it a VERY unappealing place. There is no need for so many bars in Wilmington. There are already so many problems with drunk driving, violence, etc. The City of Wilmington needs to get on the ball, and start paying police officers enough so that they can actually KEEP officers working in Wilmington instead of giving no raises, raising costs of insurance, threatening pay cuts, etc. What do you think that does for morale? It is ridiculous that Wilmington refuses to pay people so that they can actually afford to live in the city they are to serve, and why are they not doing more to HIRE more people when it is CLEARLY needed. We moved away from Wilmington several months ago, and are so glad that we did. Where we live now is right outside of a larger city...a city that is SO much cleaner than Wilmington. A place that doesn't tax the hell out of people-I really question where a lot of the money goes in Wilmington, and also wonder who does the budgeting for the city/county. Normal people can budget much better--it's simple- DO NOT SPEND WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE. Prioritize and make sure money goes to public safety-that should definitely come first! It's a shame what Wilmington has turned into over the years. I can say this because I lived in Wilmington my entire life, and it breaks my heart to see the downfall over the years! It really use to be a nice place to raise a family. Now, no one can afford to live in Wilmington and the population surpasses what Wilmington can handle. You can clearly see this in the construction of the roads. It was not meant to be a large city. I really hope things do turn around in time. LIMIT the number of bars...especially Downtown. It does nothing but ASK for trouble. No one can take their families downtown in the evenings for fear of trouble. It's just not safe. Just go Downtown on any Friday or Saturday evening especially, and you will see that it is a very unsafe environment for anyone. How much more will it take for things to turn around in Wilmington? It's truly a shame that what could be a BEAUTIFUL place is ridden with drunks, HUGE amounts of section 8 housing greeting people when they arrive to Wilmington, and the large amount of homeless on the streets. Take a look at the real estate in Wilmington as well- why are people being taxed for property that is valued at say (example) $165,000, but you cannot even sell it for even $130,000 right now? The city and county are driving the good, hard working people away. Please wake up elected leaders...clean Wilmington up instead of trying to annex more when you clearly cannot handle what is already within the city limits.


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