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No one is forcing people to drink, no one is forcing these people to act like idiots. Take some responsibility for your actions instead of trying to point the finger. The root of the problem is not bars and alcohol, it is the people that cant handle their booze...and the lurkers that roam the streets looking for trouble.

There are literally thousands of people who frequent downtown every week, consume spirits and have no problems at all. Bars sell and serve alcohol, yet do not twist any arms for their patrons to drink. Its about personal responsibility. Should we tax and fine car dealerships because they make cars faster than posted speed limits? speed, you get a ticket, you pay the fine. You drink too much, act like an idiot, you get arrested. Plain and simple. We dont need more police, we just need them to enforce the law. Instead of breaking up fights, start filling that Paddy Wagon!. The word will get out...and the dumb s**t will stop.


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