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Fine The Bars!!!!!

Fine the bars for the actions of their patrons!!!!! Fine the makers of weapons for every gun crime committed!!!! Fine the auto manufacturers for every one hurt or killed in an auto accident!!!! Fine my mom and dad for the times I got in a fight!!!! Wait I Know fine GOD he made it all!!!!

Provide the citizens of this town the services we are taxed for, proper amount of police enforcement!!!! At one point there used to be a surveillance RV downtown, a paddy wagon and a crew of officers on the streets. It was that you couldn't throw a rock in any direction and it would hit a cop on the weekends. Recently after the bars close, you can walk blocks and not see one officer. I know I used to do it. I lived downtown for 6.5 years. Patrol downtown properly when it is busy!!!

And again for all the people who complain, "its just not safe to bring your family out in the evenings," give me a break. If you are out after 10 p.m. with "Your Family" bring your kids home and put them to bed!!!

The problem here is the same as the problem that plagues or country today!!!
Responsibility!!! Stop your whining, Stop your finger pointing, Own up to your actions. Individual accountability is the answer. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!!
If my kid screws up in school, it is not the schools fault. It is my kids fault or mine. I am really tired of every person on the planet blaming the environment for their actions!!! TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!!

Screw up get arrested, get punished and fined!!! That is the answer. Pay for your actions!!!!


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