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It's never going to change

I've lived in the wilmington area for over 15 years and downtown has been a problem for about 12 of them. I had a friend get robbed at gunpoint by the Hilton around that time so how have things changed? The police department is just now realizing there is crime downtown? The crime and fights ect will never change downtown because the police won't change it. Do you hear about people pointing guns at people on the Myrtle beach strip? I haven't... That's because the cops will throw you in jail just for being in the street talking to a car full of girls. Trust me I was told to get out of the street or he was taking me to jail. I could go on and on but my point is that Wilmington has grown, is growing, and will continue to grow. Unfortunatly there is more crime ect that stems from that. Downtown will only get worse as time goes by unless the police realize that this is not the same city it was 15 years ago and when a city changes it's up to the people who run the city to make sure you can feel safe wherever you are... Not enough officers? Hire more... Not enough $? Make room for it in the budget.. Aren't the 1000s of citizens lives worth more than say 50 extra cops salaries? Cops should be walking downtown constantly on weekends not standing around like they do. It's all about presence and if people knew there were enough cops downtown they would take there crime and foolishness elsewhere. It will never change because the city will never seem to find the money to make downtown a safe place to be. Let's face it there will always be criminals but the question is will the city make the right changes needed to control the situation? Wilmington cops downtown on the weekend seem to be more interested in aggressively driving behind innocent people like me who aren't doing a thing wrong than to be catching the real criminals.


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