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CP23, Please familiarize


Please familiarize yourself with the basics of your Homeowners Association before you spout off.

For the record, I am in no way defending the accused actions of Ms. Dodson above, which is deplorable by the way and a real insult to the industry. Your comments however, indicate that you are in need of some insight and education on how your HOA operates and functions. If you took the time to read the rules, you would find you are in fact in violation. Both of these items were observed on an inspection or reported in by one of your neighbors, so it physically existed at one point in the eyes of someone directly affiliated with the Association.

After purchasing their home, many owners do not take the time necessary to review their Association's legal documents (specifically called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions or Restrictions or CC&Rs) and their Rules and Regulations. Mallory Creek has both. Request a copy or view them on the Association's website if you don't already have a set included with your closing paperwork.

I can assure you a single family community like Mallory Creek Plantation prohibits basketball goals in the street and/or driveway because they present a safety issue because of their proximity to the street and many become unkept and unsightly over a period of time. Some HOAs require they be moved behind the wing fence or in the garage when not in use. The $100 fine you alluded to is called out in the Delinquency Policy for the Association or can be referenced in the legal statutes for HOAs in the State of North Carolina.

Mallory Creek HOA requires their members to maintain their lawns as part of their agreement with the Association. What HOA wouldn't? Lot maintenance is a very general covenant principle and are required in every CC&R. If they were not, what would be the actual purpose of a covenant controlled community? Your Board of Directors (made up of volunteer Mallory Creek homeowners) hire the management company. Review your violation letter again. The letter does not come from Ms. Dodson, instead it comes at the directive and behalf of your Board.

I would suggest you attend an upcoming Board meeting to present your concerns directly to the Board in Open Forum if you haven't already done so regarding your violations. Usually the best course of action is to take it directly to the source (your Board) instead of simply complaining about it.


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