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It appears that although CAMS or should I say SCAMS has gotten rid of Linda Dodson, they have yet to figure out how to run a reputable organization still. They will spend a HOA'S money like it is going out of style, with no direction for the homeowners and board of directors. They are in a position to educate and help HOA'S but they spend and chase bad money with more bad money and they just do not care. When a HOA is broke such as RiverSea Plantation is, they still take homeowners money and give it to their lawyers to file useless lawsuits and try to put people out of their homes, as they are doing to us. And here is another great story about SCAMS, the property taxes on the amenities at RiverSea have never been paid! That is right, no property taxes have been paid to Brunswick County. Now what does that say about a business. And they think that have the right to drag someone in to court for lack of payment on HOA dues! What a joke!


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