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in response to: before I spout off...

The almost sanctimonious response by the writer is laughable.
Most everyone in Mallory creek has a keen sense of the manipulation and control being exercised by a small group of the homeowners. The writer is correct in the assertion that the HOA does consider itself an enforcement agency (with just less power than that of a law enforcement officer). This seems to be their only focus and reason for being. Their main purpose is to find faults with anyone who lives here. It would seem that this is more important than finding ways and means to develop a cohesive friendly community that works together to build a neighborhood. The HOA mission apparently is to create a state of fear through threats. They feel it is their personal obligation to create a "utopia" where everything is perfect but only as "they" would have it defined. This would include; No children playing in the street, no unpainted mailbox posts, no signage of any kind,and absolutely no competitive real estate company signs (except for builders and Century 21 of course), no For Sale or rental signs by the homeowner, not even a yard sale sign, and God forbid you leave trash or toys in your lawn or front drive. In their mind everything in Utopia must be perfect at all times. Note: Property owners may not attempt to advertise the sale of their own property, ( as it might conflict with the builder's sales)
1. Homeowners are given little notice of meetings and the HOA meetings are intentionally scheduled at odd hours, or during normal work hours, thus minimizing attendance and homeowner input.
2.Homeowners are not encouraged or asked to provide feedback, suggestions,or to participate, and God Forbid they express an opinion that opposes the wisdom of the HOA ( manipulated by Century 21's representative) - as there will be hell to pay and one can anticipate multiple letters of alleged violations. e.g. "your trash can was left out"

Most of these "alleged" covenant violations are by fact- trivial.

Common sense would suggest that if the HOA can justify having someone travel around the community to spy a trash can, then justify spending the time and cost of having someone prepare a letter, cost of mailing said letter, including multiple forms and a return envelope, then waist time evaluating the responses to said letters...Fact: they are wasting time, money, energy, on unimportant trivia.
For example- If we were to apply common sense, and you have asked a person to waste their time checking on the precise location of trash cans after a trash day pick up, why not just simply hang a inexpensive, friendly reminder on a repeat offender's mailbox ? ....Better yet, why not delegate that entire responsibility to the Homeowner and his immediate neighbors and eliminate the drive by trash can inspection? It is not your mandate to travel throughout the entire subdivision acting like the God of visual beauty. If one street has an issue - they will resolve it. They do not need someone who lives a mile away telling them how to park their trash can.

3. The realty company, Century 21, is complicit in allowing ongoing mismanagement, and has on, at least one other occasion, been removed from their position of association management responsibilities in the Wilmington area.
Under these circumstances of serious criminal charges on their employee, Sawyer Realty, Century 21 should be immediately removed from any association with Mallory Creek HOA.. It was their employees, and their lack of management that led to the alleged charges. They are not to be given a free pass and the Homeowners association has a direct fiscal responsibility to do everything possible to protect the association and its funds from such risks, alleged or real, Century 21 is not entitled to get a free pass, as they have ultimate responsibility for their employees actions.

4. The fees for Century 21 services are ridiculously inflated and they accomplish little except for being a silent spokesperson for some of the original builders in persuading the "controlling" group of Homeowners to continue to waste HOA funds on silly non essential mailings which serve only to alienate property owners.
5. The homeowners assoc. has been mislead by Century 21 to continuously overstep its authority and create unneeded pressures on individual homeowners with threats of lawsuits and/or fines.
6. The Homeowners assoc. need to re-focus their purpose on more important operating budgets and programs. An immediate goal: would be :1. Reduce Operating Budgets by 10 % in the next fiscal year.
2. Increase community participation in planning committees by 20%
3. Limit HOA officers and directors to no more than 4 years of service.

No one should be subjected to the strong arm tactics of a homeowners association that is misusing its authority. And property owners need to have a voice to fight such out of control organizations without the need to enter into legal battles.

Name withheld out of fear.


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