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I agree

I agree - you will see the truly positive turnaround of downtown occur when they oust all of the bars and eliminate much of the drunken idiot populace. Nice establishments (Deluxe, Caffe Phoenix, etc.) would be a nice complement to a convention center and hotel in that location...but the large number of bars in a small radius has proven time and time again to present a struggle too great for the the downtown area to overcome.

Every night crime reports are being released and the majority of them involve one or more intoxicated individuals in the downtown's easy to see the root of the problem. I'm sure these investors have been keeping an eye on such reports and don't want the headache of their luxurious hotel in the midst of drunken "frat house brawls" and dealing with intoxicated individuals who punch police horses....who can blame them?

If you want any semblance of sophistication and a thriving community outside of "barhoppers" in the downtown area, it has come down to this--What's more important: Working to preserve and maintain the image of a "family friendly" town with restaurants and shops or catering to the "college bar crowd??"

You can't have it both ways - it just doesn't work.


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