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It is amazing to me how many

It is amazing to me how many of you believe everything you read on this website. Just because it is in print and from a news station does not mean it is legitimate! It is really nice for a news station to say "from a source" because how will we know who the source is, or if they are actually telling the complete truth? Furthermore, I am guessing that none of you know all the details of the situation, nor do you know Officer Lindsey. Don't be so quick to judge. You should not point fingers at other people until you make sure your own hands are clean first.

Also, some of you are saying he was impaired because he allegedly blew a .07. I hope the next time you are pulled over and blow a .07 the officer looks at you with the same narrow-minded views and arrests you on the spot! He allegedly broke policy, NOT the law. Get over yourselves. Also, not once in the article did it say anything about Officer Lindsey driving. Maybe he drove to work, maybe he didn't...we don't know and we cannot assume things nor can we believe everything we read.


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