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The fish rots from the head

Scott, your comment isn't reassuring nor gives any creedence to the legitimacy of the story. I don't find a lot of "facts" in the story and I find it disturbing that most of this story is based upon "we can attribute it to someone in the know."

It smells like a smear campaign either by another officer, the supervisor or someone willing to put a knife in Officer Lindsey's back. In law enforcement, this is the equivalent of throwing a grenade in his bunk and the police chief should focus on fixing a department that allows that rather than running his mouth for sound bites trying to be the big man on campus.

FACT: He did not have a BAC level for DUI
FACT: He wasn't on patrol so all the morons coming up with scenarios of murdered co-eds need to give it a rest
FACT: No one was injured by his actions
FACT: Officer Lindsey won and deserved an award for arresting those guilty of DUI
FACT: He used poor judgment
FACT: He's paid a very high cost for poor judgment including a significant salary hit
FACT: If he wasn't a good cop, UNCW would have canned him, there's no union to protect him
FACT: He is a good cop
FACT: The police chief got a huge raise a few years ago under a questionable justification and officers got their overtime slashed and department morale is bad.
FACT: You can attribute the aforementioned facts to someone in the know.
FACT: WWAY took a cheap shot. Grow a set of journalistic cojones and go after the chiefs poor leadership of the department which is the real story.


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