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We'll see what happens to this angel.

The outcome of this investigation will be interesting.

It seems McMahon received a complaint that one of his Lieutenant's assaulted a 21-year old volunteer firefighter. Interestingly enough as rumor has it this assault took place in the presence of another deputy who works with Gerow - while both were on-duty. What's the status of that guy? Did he report the assault?

McMahon said "The criminal complaint was closed". Well that's an obvious finding of fact when the complaint declines criminal prosecution but it will be interesting to see the outcome.

Will McMahon brush this criminal act under the rug to save his precious helicopter pilot or will he standup for all victims of assault and punish his Lieutenant accordingly. And the other deputy, is he going to get away with witnessing a crime and not taking action?

Let's investigate further than WWAY's first report. According to an online salary database Gerow does make a little more than 50k in his lieutenant's position. As for the Helicopter, according to google records, it's kept on a piece of property owned by Port City Helicopter on a residential landing strip at Pilots Ridge. New Hanover County Tax records show this company is owned by Scott Gerow - isn't this a conflict of interest. Is the county paying the employee a salary and diverting tax money to the employee through a business that apparently doesn't have a major involvement in the community.

Personally, I've filed a report on an officer and they are rarely taken seriously, especially by the Sheriff's Office. We'll see what type of church-going man McMahon is once this is over but I'm tired of him sounding like a broken record when it comes to transparency when it's quite obvious he's not being transparent.


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