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Better re-think that plan of attack

"Whether I'm running in North Carolina, Texas or Idaho, it doesn't make a difference."

Sounds great, but in practice it will lead to Pantano having a two-year Congressional career...IF he can get past McIntyre.

The entire premise of our Constitution was that Congressmen represented the people's interests and Senators represented the States' interests. (Of course, the Seventeenth Amendment destroyed the latter, so there is no one reprersenting the states now.)

If Pantano is not going to place the concerns and needs of the people of NC-7 ahead of other people in other districts, the end result will be readily apparent in a short period of time. As a freshman Congressman, Pantano will hold little sway and no power. The "pork" he wants to pull will simply go to districts represented by people like Rangell, Watt, Dingell, Waxman and other long-time, liberal whackos. Even if the Republicans take the House, the money will go to the districts of long-term, powerful members of the Republican Party....because while everyone talks about cutting spending, there will be 434 of them thinking, "...but not in MY district." Patano will stand alone by not thinking of his constituents, the people who may put him there.

Of course, every Congressman and Senator and President should have the best interests and survival of the United States at heart. However, I have to wonder about the true goal and motivation of a man who is implying, "Send me to Congress and I WON'T represent you." It sounds more like Pantano is running for President rather than Congress. He's here to straighten the country out. He's here to save us. He's on another mission, and the people of NC-7 aren't essential elements of that mission.

When the money to dredge our inlets winds up going to fund an inner city, after-school interpretive dance center in Los Angeles, we may be thankful that the founding fathers set two years as the term for a Congressman....IF he can get past a Congressman who HAS looked out for NC-7.


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