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Tax cuts "for the rich?"

Okay, first of all, the Bush tax cuts helped people in every single tax rate, across the entire economic spectrum. The lowest tax rate (15%) received the largest reduction in the rates. (To 10%)

Now, let's talk about extending them....

By the Democrats' own admission, not extending the tax cuts for those making over $250k will impact only 2% of the population. (That right there tells you that 98% of the tax cuts benefitted the "un-rich.")

I won't bother to rehash the fact that the "rich" are getting raked over the coals when it comes to paying taxes in this country. (If you're not familiar with the stats, check with the IRS.) I won't other to rehash that this is America, founded on the premise that all men are created equal and possessing a constitution that promises "equal protection of law." Taxing Mister Smith at one rate and Mister Jones at a different rate should make any TRUE American physically ill. "Equal protection unless you're rich?"

How many poor people have ever given you a job? If we don't extend the tax cuts for those making over $250k, we will be raising taxes on tens of thousands of small businesses. The LAST thing we need to do is effectively raise taxes on the very people who will help to get the employment numbers rising again.

BTW, if you haven't actually read the bill, don't fault Burr for voting no. Any time the government starts telling banks how and where to lend money, we're risking another nightmare.


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