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mine's paid for. I bought in 2000 before prices went throught he roof.

So I guess you have no cause to demonize me.

But if my taxes are used to subsidize these baby breeders who look upon each child as an increase in pay through increased entitlements, SEction 8, Food Stamps, Free cell phones, and all the goodies, then my taxes should also go toward nourishing the beaches.

At least the beach communities bring hundreds of thousands in revenue into their communities annually. What do the baby breeders and permanent entitlement receipients bring to their communities?

You can not walk both sides of the street. If a person is to be demonized for purchasing a large beach house they can not afford, then candidly, people who go out and produce more children then they can afford -- and pass on ALL of the costs to society and the taxpayers -- also deserve your criticism.

I want to see how you rebut that one.


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