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Park Wilmington are a bunch of idiots as it is

These morons sent my wife a nasty collection notice saying she owed them for a ticket at the cotton gin downtown. Problem is the idiot working for them obvious wrote down the wrong tag number. They had a tag number she had reported stolen/lost from 2005 on a type of car she never owned. After dealing with an idiot on the phone and sending them a copy of the notice from the NCDMV we thought it had all been eliminated only to get another even nastier letter threatening legal action well lets just say they got a very nasty terse letter in return from a lawyer friend with a cease and desist notice attached that we would happily sue them for harrassment if they took one iota of action to try and illegal collect on a ticket that never was hers/ours ever (we've never even been downtown once since we moved here cept for the Azelea festival). Park Wilmington is need of some new management and their corporate calltaker out in California needs to be fired as well they need some serious training across the board in proper customer service period. Oh and Ill be more then happy to provide details about there practices to anybody who cares. They care only bout trying to be bullies and then never admit or appologize when they are in the wrong as they were in this case and then have the nerve to claim were the ones who were rude.. uhh yeah ok...


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