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where do the funds come from for the land purchase?

where do the funds come from for the construction costs?

Who pays to maintain it?

And, why put it in Burgaw? What about the rest of the county?

How will the youth get to the Center? Will we then look for activity buses?

Who will man the Center when the youth are present? Are we hiring county employees for this?

Where do they think the money comes from? This topic came up a few months ago; and was detailed in this media outlet.

It was noted then, there are plenty of parks; but no one uses them.

It was noted the high school gyms could be opened; Parents could form and sponsor Boys and Girls Clubs. But then that would take their time and make them accounatble for the youthful indiscretions.

Its just not true that "if you build it they will come".

But if they are really serious, why not undertake this on the same basis as a Habitat for Humanity project? Let the youth and their parents raise the materials and other construction costs through fund raising events. Let the youth and their parnets put some sweat equity into the project.

In earlier years, while living in Richmond, my Rotary Chapter set a goal and raised $500,000 in a 5 year time period to fund a YMCA building.

Why not let the community, and not the taxpayers, raise the funds. Too bad you did not ask Uncle RC, when he was still in the Senate; he might have found some public funds for you.


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