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I agree with

part of your comment. Where is the money to come from? The state? Not likely with a $3.3 Billion Budget shortfall next year.

Let the parents assume responsibility for latch key and "other" youth. Not certain what you mean by "other" youth. I can guess.

BUT, unless the parents assume responsibility and accountability for their children, this facility could quickly degenerate.

On other notes, how will the children get there? Who will man it? Who will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep?

Those questions were asked 6 months ago when this topic first appeared; the proponents could not answer the questions. The only thing which has changed is the vast majority of taxpayers are tired of funding projects which have not been well thought out.

And in the absence of specific answers on how this project will be funded and maintained, it has not been thought out.

If all it takes is for someone to throw out an idea and wait for the government to fund it, let me throw one out. A skeet range, in the Hampstead area, would do much to assist those sportsmen to maintain their shooting skills. Sportsmen funnel thousands into the local economy, annually, with licensing fees and costs to hunt and fish.

So I'll put forth the same support for the youth center that they will put forth for the skeet range. It could even be used as a range by the Sheriff's Department in off hours.


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