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that might work if they wanted others involved. Sadly they do not.

They do not want to do the research necessary to answer the very questions raised 6 or 7 months ago when they proposed this.

Where is the money to come from?

Who will be responsible for opening and closing and maintaining the facility?

How will the youth get to the facility if they live just outside the town?

Will parents be accountable for the behaviour of the children?

Until parents accept accountability and do not look at this as anything but a means to keep their youngster out of trouble while they do who knows what, this won't solve the problem.

And, again, where does the county get the money? Do they take some funds designated for education and move them into the building fund?

Do they rob some other department's budget to get the money?

Or do they pull a page from the Wilmington playbook and try to hit taxpayers with a tax increase? They're already going to face a massive drop in tax revenues when the property base is re-evaluated next year.

So Angela, you seem to be a voice of moderation. Maybe you can get them to do their homework; come up with specific answers; and not just stand there with their hands out for the Commissioners to put a blank check in.


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