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Well, the Commissioners

endorsed the idea. But wait; that does not mean they will build it this year and they will come.

First, they plan to appoint a committee to study sites and look into funding sources. They apparently realize there are no tax dollars available unless they cut funds designated for other programs or education.

So Step 1. Establish a Committee; that may take a while as the Commissioners deal with more pressing issues such as the Health Department, budget shortfalls, property re-evaluation for taxes, and who knows what other nonsense will come down I-40 from Raleigh.

Step 2. Have the committee identify and study sites. That could take a while too.

Step 3. Find the funds to acquire the land and build the structure. The commissioners have already pointed to grant funding as a probable source. At least, if the supporters listen objectively, the commissioners made it pretty clear there's not much if any county funding available.

Step 4. Locate a good grant writer, someone who knows how to prepare and submit grant applications. You're doomed to failure if you think anyone can sit down and prepare a grant application.

Step 5. While the first 4 steps are underway, establish a Boys and Girls Club. Force parents of these latch key and other youths to be involved in their childrens lives. Guess that will mean a little less Oprah, no evening mysteries like NCIS, and no Monday and Thursday Night football. Arrange for high school and junior high school gyms to be opened up with the Parents manning the facilities. Get the parents deeply involved and maybe some Coaches or others in the communitiy will volunteer their time to run sports and craft programs.

Step 5 hits the road running with minimal delay and can achieve the desired results a lot quicker than steps 1 through 4. Unless the economy comes back agressively, those 4 steps may sit in the starter's gate.


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