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Before you comment on something you know absoulty NOTHING about, get your facts straight! What is there for Gerow to pay the county back for....NOTHING he did this county a favor by providing this county a service that he did not have to provide. When Gerow first started flying for the Sheriff Department he volunteered him time,servics, and his OWN Helicopter to the county and did not recieve a dime in his pocket, only to provide gas to fuel the helicopter. Why would the county contract the airport for housing when Gerow was providing the service for FREE. Gerow was on duty even when the heilcopter was not in use, he responded to calls just as any Sheriff would do, he did not sit at home and collect a check. When the time came, the Sheriff department offered Gerow a position, Gerow did the same BLET School that every other sheriff that is employed with the county has done, there were no loop holes for him, he was not given special treatment. Gerow had a talent that no one else had, and they saw potential in him as a sheriff and offered him the position, in order to hold the position of Helicopter Piolt he had to have LT status. If somoene wants to go and try filing a charge for communicating threats, and they take it to this level of investigation...they may need to investigate some of their employes who Drink and Drive, or assult their happens everyday. So I think next time you should probably think before you speak and know the facts to the issues you are speaking on. The guy that


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