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Quick Response,I must of hit

Quick Response,I must of hit a nerve! I thank you for posting about my comment I made earlier. Since I know absoulty NOTHING. Let's take sometime to discuss your response so you can clear things up.

1)When Gerow first started flying for the Sheriff Department he volunteered him time,servics, and his OWN Helicopter to the county and did not recieve a dime in his pocket, only to provide gas to fuel the helicopter. (Who in the world would volunteered his time,servics, and his own Helicopter to the county to not receive anything for doing that. So your saying that he just recieved Gas.Where is the original Helicopter that he owned when he was volunteering his services. I guess he still ownes it and didn't trade it in on the new Helicopter. Maybe that why he was donating his Helicopter and his time to get free and clear of debt. I would do that)

2)Why would the county contract the airport for housing when Gerow was providing the service for FREE.( The News said that he was getting payed $5,000 a year for storage and insurance.That's not free or was that before when he was using his own Helicopter? Please fill free to elaborate.)

3)Gerow had a talent that no one else had, and they saw potential in him as a sheriff and offered him the position, in order to hold the position of Helicopter Piolt he had to have LT status. ( I agree he has a talent that no one else had. The Sheriff offered him that position because he had to make it Legit. The Sheriff had to put him on the payrole. Sheriff Causey wouldn't even consider joining together with other countys or WPD because he would not have control.)

4)In order to hold the position of Helicopter Piolt he had to have LT status.( Wrong! That has nothing to do with holding the position of the Dept. Helicopter pilot. But it does have alot to do with his pay rate $55,000 a year. You can't join the Dept. tomorrow as a deputy fresh out of BLET and get paid his Salary. I guess I don't know what I'm talking about).Please Elaborate if you would like?



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