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There are lot of loop holes on roads where there are needed to be bus routes added or needed to be put back on where people need the most to be routes buses should be useful on. For example between martin luther king and market street intersection all the way heading to odgen there is no bus route to go that way and lot of people i know work that way which is from the toyota dealership, the hotel where they do charge fees for people to stay weekly if they wish all the way to odgen, porters neck needs to have a bus added since it only goes one way which it comes from odgen towards market and pass the intersection of mlk market towards down town so wheres the busses go from intersection of toyota dealership towards odgen since the buses turn left towards downtown instead of turning right passing curved around toyota then go on up to parkway volvo then towards to odgen porters neck is without routes so what kind of a mind do city officals and wave transit have without having a bus route there??? Its really hurting those who cant go to work that way including myself i had to get off at cardinal drive and cut through walking to parkway volvo for 5 months and cant even get pass toyota dealer ship then take a right at the intersection light and go towards odgen to get by parkway volvo on the way like ur goin towards odgen!!!! This is maybe another reason ur revenues u try to earn 1 50 without having that route really hurts wave and they dont need to add or increase fare, they need to just add more routes to make more routes to be two way routes instead of one way routes on many of the same highways so people can be able to go and come from on either routes and this will help financially grow revenues, money for waves to be able to budget better so there are lot of more highways or roads that are missing as well i have to change 2 buses to get to from independence mall to go all the way around towards past pine valley goin through downtown then take carolina beach to monkey junction to get to first citizens banks and there are no buses go towards the intersection of where smithfeild s chicken and the new needham animal hospital then to college road so what happen there??? U need a bus to go to the intersection actually 2 buses to go from there towards long leaf mall to make connection to another buses and another one to turn right towards lowes since theres no buses at all go on so college road on either sides from long leaf mall to lowes by monkey junction so this is a big loophole and lot of loss of revenue u all lost since so many people need to go to lowes long leaf mall all along that way on both sides of so college road instead of just goin to monkey junction then come through lowes then to nice neighboring homes then turn left back towards shypyard blvd since it wld be better goin towards the intersection of so college with 2 different buses goin left and one goin right to cover that route!!!!! Use ur heads!!!! NO need to raise fare also ive seen as well so many people get on for 1 50 then they get off another 2 to 3 blocks down which is less than 2,000 feet and get right back off like for example get on at lowes foods on oleander and then they get right off at intersection of 41st and oleander short ways and still be charged for 150 and its really bad when u all do this to people who just want to go short ways and still be charged for a full fare full round trip goin just few blocks is rediculous!!!! Ur taking advantage of people by doing this as well so there s no need to raise a fare but just need to add on more buses and more routes to cover more city routes and adding to you city people are not thinking as well ur thinking of adding more land into the city limits need alot of thinking for more routes and more buses and shouldve thought of your budget as well!!!!! Its not little wilmington no more also gettin to be more like nyc in small are square feet here!!!!! Ps ps think about porters neck since that place is growing and get more buses there as well u got lowes building up there and already have harris teeter as well u may need more goin to hampstead since its growing as well also what about lowes towards jacksonville???? not even in city limits but why have lowes located there so it sounds to me ur planning a 20 year plan from now to take over that place in the city and its in pender county not new hanover so how are people goin to get there to work if they dont have transportation??? Lot of mess to think city people managers etc..... im without college degree or education versus you with it get ur mind working!!!!!!


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