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Here we go again

Before anyone jumps up and down concerning my post, let me note, I don't use WAVE; it really does not provide services I need.

However, when in Northern Virginia, visiting my daughter, we always use the Metro for other than a quick run to the market.

When in Md or taking in an Orioles or Ravens game, we always use the Light Rail.

But those are self supporting for the most part. They do not continually reach out and tap the local citiznes for subsidies to cover budget shortfalls.

They also continuously review useage patterns and adjust schedules to reduce useage during periods when passenger useage does not support those routes.

And they are not inexpensive to ride on.

So here comes a Commissioner. Does he propose a similar review to determine if cost efficiencies might be found through schedule adjustments? NO; sure did not see that when he was interviewed.

No, his solution is a sales tax increase OR an additional license fee to register your vehicle.

Does he support fare increases to levels where WAVE can become more self supporting? Apparently not; I really did not see him expound on that as a solution.

BUT, the users of WAVE are vehemently opposed to fare increases. The ones who use the system apparently don't feel it would be fair to support the system through even a modest fare increase.

Seems to be just another form of wealth redistribution. Subsidized housing; subsidized food; subsidized health care; free cell phones; subsidies for who knows what else. And now subsidized transportation.

Government officials need to wake up and realize the declining number of taxpayers and working persons are going to rebel and clean out these legislators and commissioners who always want to take the easy way out and tax, in one form or another, the workers to allow the service users to have a free or nearly free ride.

Where does it end?


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